Did you know that your charity could be eligible for $10,000 USD per month in Google Ads credits? Think of the amount of traffic you could get with that kind of advertising budget! We here at Do Gooders want charities and not-for-profits big and small to reach their fundraising potential, and the Google Ads Grant is one of the ways we can help you do that.

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What is the Google Ads grant?

First and foremost, let’s explain the program. The Google Ads grant is a recurring, monthly grant of $10,000 USD in Google Ad credits you can use to purchase Google ad space for your charity.

These text-based ads are displayed on Google search results pages when someone searches for a keyword that describes the products and services your organization offers. You get to choose where your ad appears, and with the help of Google’s analytics tools, easily track the impact of each ad. You can even split up the money between multiple advertising campaigns.

What you choose to advertise is up to you, but with $10,000 a month maybe it’s time to start dreaming a little bigger?

Why Use Google Ads for Your Charity?  

The opportunities to use Google ads in the not-for-profit sector are endless. If you have something you want to spread the word about, you can write an ad for it. Take these for example:

  • Spreading awareness of your organization and its purpose
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Engaging people with special events and volunteer opportunities
  • Boosting your email subscription list
  • Recruiting people to act as brand ambassadors

Even small not-for-profits can benefit

There is no such thing as too small of an organization when it comes to Google Ads. Their specialized features like location targeting allow you to target the specific area where your ad will make the biggest impact.

Additionally, Google Ads rewards relevancy. That means that if you use the right keywords, your charity may end up showing before larger, national ones.

Eligibility and applying

In order to qualify for the grant, your organization must be a registered charitable organization, registered with TechSoup Canada (they will have to verify your status as a registered not-for-profit, and have a high-quality website that meets Google’s website policy.

If your charity qualifies, you will then have to request a Google for Nonprofits account. This account differs from a standard Google Ads account and is where your ad credits will be delivered each month.

How Do Gooders Can Help

We know this sounds great (because it is!) but there are a couple of caveats that we think we can help with.

Unlike traditional grant money, Google Ads require frequent maintenance. Not only do the ads need to be written, but keywords need to be researched, data needs to be tracked, and budgets need to be maintained. That’s not even getting into the search engine optimization aspect.

Additionally, Google has a quality standard that it requires all ads to meet. Our writers have the training and experience needed to ensure that all of your ads will be of high enough quality to break through the quality filter.

We know you are busy people and the idea of adding another recurring project to your list seems impossible. That’s where we come in. For a small fee of $279/month Do Gooders will not just apply for the program but write and maintain the ads for you each and every month.

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