Google Ads Grants help charities share their causes with their communities and the world!

Get $10,000 per month in FREE Google advertising to create awareness about your not-for-profit!

Why Google Ads?

They have the traffic! Ads are served based on what people are searching for. It is a strong platform, and they dominate the market. You can bring people to your organization’s website where they can learn more about your great work, get help, promote events, volunteer opportunities, and sign up to your newsletter, donate and more!

You always have options with Google Ads Grants. Google shows your ads to people searching for not-for-profits like yours, as well as people who were previously unaware of your cause, will see your advertising when they use Google Ad Grants. You can reach out to folks all around the world or just those in your immediate vicinity with your message.

The grant is in US dollars and the ad grant last indefinitely as long as your charity remains compliant. It is important that you don’t let your ad account go dormant so having someone to manage it is key.

Raise awareness, attract donors, and recruit new volunteers using Google search ads.

What are Google Ads Grants?

Google Ads Grants is a one-of-a-kind program that offers approved Not-For-Profits with free Google Ads advertising. Imagine obtaining up to $10,000 in free Google advertising every month just for being a deserving Not-For-Profit! You might find more volunteers, raise more funds, and tell your story to audiences throughout the community you serve.

Do Gooders can apply for a $10,000 Google Ads Grant on behalf of your charity.

At the very affordable price of only $199, Do Gooders will take care of the work for you. We’ll get you ready so you can start your running your free ads!

The required Tech Soup application to require your token and the Google Ad Grants application

Google Ads Management

Do Gooders can manage your Google Ads by writing relevant ads that use leading keywords that will bring people to your website where they can learn about the great work you are doing.
Ads are broken down into ‘ad groups’ based on what group you are targeting. Some examples are donors, clients, or volunteers. Every person is not looking for the same thing, so we start out with creating awareness about your organization and then create ads to bring people to your organization’s website to find the information they are searching for. From there we engage them to interact.

We think about the journey someone takes from the time they see your organization’s ad to when they take an action like subscribing to your newsletter, downloading free information, making an appointment, signing up to volunteer, purchasing an event or raffle ticket, or making a donation.

Google expects you to manage your ads in a certain way to keep your Google Grant in good standing.

What’s included:
Once your application has been approved Do Gooders will come up with a strategy for success, complete in-depth keyword research, write effective ads, group your ad campaigns, we can create landing pages for you if necessary, set-up your Google Analytics and provide you with reports. Active management of your Google Ads account is required to remain in the grant program so we will continually work on your campaigns to improve results. You must be a registered charity and have a website to be eligible to apply.


Let’s Work Together

Please note that Do Gooders can provide grant writing services, fundraising initiatives, Google Ads management, and online 50/50 raffles to registered charities who are qualified donees under the Income Tax Act of Canada.

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